Jacob wins Valdez 2018 Bush Class again

Jacob competed in the Bush Class at Valdez this year.  He was the first place winner with a 136' combined Take Off and Landing distance.  Jacob won the Bush Class in 2016 and again this year in N303T.


Spring ski flying is great

 Zoom in to see Jacob on the knob.
Three of us fit on the knob.


N1879P is delivered

N1879P is delivered to Aaron DeRose.  It weighed 1152 pounds with ADSB, Pod, Lowered floorboards, 31" bushwheels.


We completed N27293 and it weighs 1117 on 31" Bushwheels, ADSB in and out, lowered floorboards.


Jacob wins 1st place Valdez 2016 Bush Class

My son, Jacob Williams, won 1st place at Valdez in his newly rebuilt Super Cub N303T.  This is the lightest Cub that has come out of our rebuild shop.  N303T weight is 1043 pounds with an electrical system, 31" Bushwheels, and a Baby Bushwheel.  It is going to be difficult to shave any weight and make the next Cub lighter.  Jacob did a great job building this Cub and did a great job flying.


2016 float season is starting on April 12th. Do you need a Seaplane Rating?

We launched N8977D in the water today.  I will get current for floats on April 12th.  The earliest break-up of all time.